Fracosaurus Complaint Files


Talisman Terry’s #Fracking Adventure w/ Triple Divide

Talisman Terry, the infamous Frackosaurus from Talisman Energy, has resurfaced with new experiences for the public about fracking. Triple Divide* Co-Director and artist Joshua Pribanic has recreated 12 watercolor paintings from pages in Terry’s 2011 “Good Neighbor Program” kid’s coloring book”, replacing captions with confidential complaint investigation files collected over 5 months at Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) northcentral office.


[more Paintings coming soon] 

The 12 paintings include complaint information that’s never been released to the public, with reports citing “82 dead fish carcasses… positive determination letters… non-impact letters… water trickling down from the mountain… discharge from a well pad… 500 gal acid spill… purple water… explosive [methane] level in drinking water well” and a lot more.

The collection of paintings will travel with the filmmakers as they begin their Triple Divide New York Tour from January 24th to February 28th.

*Triple Divide investigates how the state and industry are handling the negative impacts of fracking.

To find more information and to schedule an interview with the Artist, please call (419-202-8503) or email:

For more info on Talisman Terry watch the Colbert Report on the Frackosaurus.

About the Artist

Joshua Pribanic is an artist/journalist and Co-Director of Triple Divide, a feature-length documentary investigating the negative impacts of fracking. He’s the Co-Founder of, a nonprofit investigative news organization with a mission is to expand the role of investigative journalism into a more dynamic relationship with the arts and community. Pribanic’s multimedia projects have appeared in publications worldwide, and his influences include Ida Tarbell, Upton Sinclair, and Paul Steiger. Follow on twitter: @jbpribanic



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