Action Brief

This Action Brief is drafted from research by as a resource for the public to handle the impacts of fracking.

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  1. by heidi schlossberg

    I am interested in having a screening at my home. I showed Gasland at my home 3 years ago. I would like to do the same with this film if it is not commercially available yet. Thankyou!

    • Hi Heidi,

      Our film is available for download when you click the ‘RENT‘ tab. A $13 donation provides one digital download of the film, which can be saved to any device and be used indefinitely (file is around 6GB). In other words, this is your personal copy. Also, for 48 hours you can stream your copy right from from the web.

      If you’d like to then have a screening at home, it’s fine to have family and friends over to watch. If you’d like to have more people other than close friends and family get together (like if you send out invitations or host a church group, for example) then you’ll need a screening license. Details about obtaining a license are at our ‘SCREENINGS‘ page.

      Let me know of you have any more questions –

  2. I am interested in hosting a screening. Thank you for doing this.

    • Hi Katie. We’re glad you’d like to share Triple Divide. Just send me an email ( with a potential date/time and venue/address and I’ll send you our screening license to look over. It’s good for 24 hours: sometimes people like to do an evening show one day and afternoon show the next. The license is $40 to show the film if you already have your own copy. If you don’t, we can send you a DVD of Triple Divide along with your screening license for a combined $55. You’re welcome to collect a suggested donation at the door to recoup your costs or for fundraising, as long as you don’t ticket or have a required fee to attend. For now though, just email me where and when you’d like to screen. Thanks! Melissa

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