This checklist will give you the tools you need to host and promote a screening of Triple Divide. Let’s begin:

  1. Find a host theater who would allow a free screening or a reduced rate for nonprofits.
  2. Email Public Herald the exact location/time/date of the screening as soon as you’ve made confirmations. (Also, please don’t forget to collaborate w/ like-minded organizations. Cooperation is key to a good screening!)
  3. Secure a screening license ($40), and if necessary cover the travel costs for the filmmakers.
  4. Promote the event:

IMPORTANT: Press Outreach (i.e. press event, press release, press availability, press webinar, phone call invites to reporters trying to get them to the film)




Hello, I would like to place an order to have the following flyers printed out in black and white on 50 sheets of card stock 8.5×11 paper. I also need to have them cut into fours after printing. Please be sure to use the photo printer for this job, otherwise the blacks will appear faded.

[Insert Your Flyer]

Also, I will need 40 copies of the following poster design on 11×17 card stock paper. Again, please be sure to to use the photo printer for this job, otherwise the blacks will appear faded. If you don’t believe me, test it out 🙂

[Insert Your Poster(s)] 

Thank You,

Also, here are examples of a finished poster/flyer:

Now What?

Week 1

  • Find volunteers, connect, collaborate.*

    • Please use the Triple Divide website to communicate and recruit volunteers to help promote your event.

    • Create a general task list for the next month (press releases, Letters to the Editor, phone calls, radio, canvassing flyers, etc.) and assign volunteers to complete tasks. If people have certain skills, make sure they get a chance to show them off. FYI: We often use Google Drive to help organize and collaborate.*Please let us know if we need to add an email address to your group’s announcements.

  • Create a Facebook Event: great e.g. from Erie, PA screening. Lots of updates, interaction, and lots of invites. Another good e.g.

Week 2

Week 3

      • Alert social networks, email groups, and the general community about recent news related to #fracking through social and local media & why Triple Divide is a must see film! (Twitter, Facebook, Letters-to-the-editor).

      • Emails to members/partners
        • Ask friends, members and partners to commit to attending the show and share the event.
      • Find Sponsors to share in promotions for the event and/or cover costs. (be sure sponsors have a table to share their information at the event)
      • Radio: contact your local radio stations with a 15 second spot.
        • Request to have the filmmakers on for an interview about the film before the screening.
        • PSA eg:
          • The [NGO or host] will present a free screening of Triple Divide, a documentary about ‘fracking’ for natural gas, at [location/date/time]. For more information visit
      • Coordinate a Q+A after the film w/ the filmmakers & local experts and/or organizations.
      • Choose a panel moderator or someone to welcome folks/introduce the film.


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  1. by Sheila Cohen

    Getting ready to plan a screening in Cortland, NY!

  2. by crismcconkey

    How long is your movie?

    • It’s 90min; 84 if you cut the preroll and credits. (If you have questions about screening please send word to joshua[at]

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