Triple Divide DVD’s are scheduled to arrive next week! In light of this, we’ve released a teaser, one of our favorite DVD extras where Carolyn Knapp, Carol French, Diane Ward, and Lech Kowalski (Drill, Baby Drill) discuss the social, water and health impacts of fracking. Triple Divide is a project produced […]

Triple Divide investigated the states ability to regulate natural gas drilling in places like the Clarence Moore Lands, and found that even with Best Management Practices in use, general impacts, and those from violations, devastated the semi-primitive and primitive ecosystems that inhabit these areas. Less than 5 years ago DCNR […]

A month ago I scheduled a file review for April 22 with DEP’s north central regional office to look at a cluster of fracking issues happening in Bradford County, PA. Shortly after, I received the following confirmation. Today I stand at DEP’s office where the Regional Business Manager, Richard Edwards, […]